A city of dust, darkness and death is rising from beneath a world dead long ago. The cement streets reek of rotten flesh, fumes of dying people rising from underneath their once loved planet, they are all gone, except for those who feel the need to save the world so unworthy of their efforts. Species of dealers rise from beyond, giving out death to those who lurk in the darkness, searching for something that has never been there. The deathdealers stroll around the city of shadows. Tall buildings in ruin laugh at these false saviors who pray to a long dead god, asking for forgiveness, pleading him to rewind the apocalypse, giving back the life their ancestors had had long before. One last city, one last chance to change. The planet on which this city lies is stopping from its rotation, slowly killing everything that is of human nature, eradicating all forms of thought present in minds altered by the fumes of death. Bodies crumble under the wrath of the dealers, who come and take whomever they feel like. No bargains can be made, deals are forbidden and come with the demolition of the train of thoughts so small it hurts.

Shadows surround the city which reeks of nothing but death. Clowds have dissapeared decades ago, rain is no longer there, humans feed on the remains from the last century. They do not know how long they might survive, they have no hope left, except for this one creature, full of hatred, utterly powerful and disgustingly cruel. And it is the result  of stupidity among beings which were once humans. Dumb little creatures created their own reaper, whom is filled with death and ready to become leader of a new era, where every single survivor becomes it’s slave forever. Afterlife no longer exists, humans live like zombies controlled by the reaper, a frigment of imagination which became real when the rest of them fell apart.

Skyscrapers are falling to the ground, sinking in the black dust from within.


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