Revelations’ symphony

A world as good as mine will rely only on truth, happiness, peace and love. It will love all living things, it will enjoy every bit of nature, it will divinize all songs and it will love someone eternally, powerful, sunshine. A world as good as mine will judge no one, will hold on long, meaningful conversations with all beings it’s close to. It will be at peace with itself, and with all that surrounds. It will be tthe world of worlds, with now sorrow, no pain, no tears. It will be the perfect universe for all lost beigns in it, it will be a cradle for the ones full of pain, it will be the savior, it will be the god to which they can all send their thanks…

If I could, I would fill the world with color, with beautiful drawings, iwould be the world of all my dreams… It will a truth so ancient, it was never even understandable. Sounds full of beauty, full of colour, full of taste and feelings. I made me, I made my world so perfect, it makes each of my seconds worth living, each feeling overgrown, peaceful… Beautiful!

Every second must be the beatifullest of your entire life. You have to know the truths that makes us what we are, you have to one of those few beautiful people, who understand the value of life.

Beautiful as it is

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