Book of Spells vol. 2

Spell no. 2 – Love

Hair of your beloved

Sense their smell

Cat’s mustache, lavender

Flowers of a pure grass

Blood from your own soul

So it may last.

Say his name and say only once:

„Forever love is the best.

You my, love, not the rest,

Condemned to my love you are,


Say it twice, it will turn against you.

Happiness is a charm,

Make it work

By the touch of your hand.

Cred ca eram aiurea raaaau de tot sa nascocesc incantatii de iubire. :)) O iau razna, Orele astea in plus ma cam distrug. Aberez. Ma duc, fumez o tigara si gata! Ma somn. OK.

Book of Spells vol. 1

Nascocirile mele din timpul orei de istorie engleza.Mi se par de-a dreptul reusite! ^-^ Pentru cei nestiutori, m-am plictisit de engleza si m-au apucat ocultismele. Ce sa-i fac.

Spell no. 1 – Death

Tongue of a leprechaun

Hair off a frog

Toad soup and ginger

Water from the floods

Leaves of a dead witch

All these and a wave

Of your soul, say

„Common health

Painful death,

Cast it on it

Make it suffer

Short and painful

As it deserves

Take his grace, her might

Make thee fright.”

Three times should be enough

To make it suffer

Painful death,

peace at death

For you my witch,

Go on.

semnat: Marie Curie. Cum sa semnezi o vraja cu Marie Curie?  :O